Interesting references, some of which I don’t necessarily always agree with but found to be highly useful nonetheless:

* recommended reading


What’s the story behind genre fiction’s covers? 19 Jan, 2011

Book Cover Clones: Why Do So Many Recent Novels Look Alike? 16 Jul, 2012

Illustrating Outside the Box: How Innovative Cover Design is Redefining Genre Fiction

Genre Uncovered: Books and their Jackets 19 Jan, 2011

Bad Genre Fiction: Some Solutions 16 Jul, 2010

Cover Trends in YA Fiction: Why the Obsession with an Elegant Death? * 26 Oct, 2011

Why The Pretty White Girl YA Book Cover Trend Needs to End 7 March 2012

YA, the Mass Media, and White America: What’s Wrong, Why It’s Wrong, and How to Fix it * 26 May, 2012

Cover Trends and the Female Body * 11 Apr, 2012

Cassandra Clare, Rape Culture & the Oft-Forgotten Metaphor 22 May, 2012

Will the real young adults please stand up? 18 May, 2011

Uncovering YA Covers: 2011* 16 May 2012 (also has many useful links re: problems in YA cover design)

Five Reasons Why I Think Your Cover Sucks 19 April 2012

YA Cover Fatigue 6 June 2012 

White Privilege in YA Book Covers, Characters and Film Adaptations 30 October 2012


Urban Fantasy Book Cover Parade

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